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Do you love hip-hop music? Are you interested in a rap group that tells it like it is? Konspiracy Rekords features a group that is authentic, controversial and entertaining.

Konspiracy Kamp's debut self titled album dropped in 2014, and they have been growing their fan base ever since. We are a revolutionary record label that always tells the truth.This isn't what you hear in the mainstream.This is uncensored, in-your-face music with roots in the kind of stuff Immortal Technique was doing in the early 2000's.

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Tired of hearing the same stuff on the radio day after day? Experience a whole new sound when you listen to some of the talented artists on our hip-hop label.

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What makes Konspiracy Rekords stand out from the crowd?

Every day, surveillance drones and apps collect more of our private information. The police use more unnecessary force and abuse their power. It can be easy to feel totally helpless as the United States descends into a complete wasteland. Music is one way to fight back.

We're calling attention to problems in the world and making sure people listen. You can be a part of the movement. Konspiracy Rekords is about not taking injustices lying down. We're standing up and making some noise.